Markophilic - The Club of Marketing

As turning a blazing spark into an ardent fire is catalysed by its proper fuelling, similarly turning a marketing "philic" into a promising marketing talent is catalysed by the club "Markophilic".
The club helps the marketing and sales enthusiasts to amplify and accuminate their skills by providing them with insightful knowledge sessions, apprising events and hands on exposures. The club is equally committed towards the holistic development of the students be it in studies or placements. The various events hosted by the club such as Pariprekshya\'17 (The Marketing Conclave), Mark champ etc., help in keeping the participants conversant with the ongoing trends and developments in the marketing vista. Also, the active presence of the club on social media including various activities such as posting marketing articles every week, highlighting of the ongoing club activities, glorifying the winners of various events etc provide a thorough visibility of the club to the outer world.
The major objectives of the club include providing a platform for students making them envisage their career requirements in marketing, helping them to connect the marketing concepts to real world applications, to promote the creative side of students and thereby eventually making IIM Amritsar a favourite destination for Recruiters as well as Aspirants in Marketing stream.

Senior Markophilic (Marketing)

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Ganesh Ram Sundar R

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Vishal Raj

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Pratyush Tiwari

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Ishita Agarwal

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Milan Sharma