Fees/Financial Aid/Scholarship


The MBA fee structure is given below:

  1. The fees cover Tuition, Books & Case Material, Library, IT & Computer, Hostel & Electricity, Medical & Students' Activities.
  2. The mess and personal expenses are not included in the above fees. The mess expense is estimated to be Rs. 10,000/- per month payable on an actual basis.

Download MBA (2022-24) Fee structure | Download MBA (2023-25) Fee structure | Download MBA (2024-26) Fee structure

Financial Assistance

Educational loans are available from Banks. Students may apply to various major Banks for education loan to cover program fees and other expenses. Students can directly contact various banks for eligibility, interest rates and other applicable conditions.


Indian Institute of Management Amritsar offers limited number of scholarships to its eligible MBA students based on their scholastic achievement and diversity. The awarded scholarship amount will be disbursed in two equal proportions during two years of MBA program.

In the first year of MBA program, Institute awards the scholarship by considering students’ prior academic records, performance in the institute’s MBA admission process, and diversity (including gender, economic, and other considerations). Institute expects the recipients of scholarship to continue to excel in their academic and overall performance during the MBA program at the institute. Hence, the continuation of the scholarship in the second year depends on the recipients’ academic performance and conduct during the first year of MBA program. The recipient of the scholarship will continue to receive the scholarship in the second year of MBA program if he/she secures first year’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) not less than 2.96 (It is arrived at by considering the previous two batches’ entire class average CGPA in first year). Further, the recipient should continue to follow the program guidelines and exhibit overall positive conduct.
Institute will finalize the list of selected students for scholarship immediately after the admission process. The selected students will receive the scholarship award letter along with their admission offer letter.
Note: Institute reserves the right to terminate or withdraw the scholarship program at any time based on its discretion. If a student leaves the program in the midway, he/she has to refund the total scholarship amount received. Further, if a scholarship awardee receives another scholarship / financial assistance from any agency (government or otherwise), institute withdraws its scholarship. However, institute ensures that the scholarship awardee secures the maximum benefit from the obtained scholarships.