Campus Immersion Module

The campus immersion module constitutes an indispensable and integral element of the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program, pivotal in providing participants with unparalleled opportunities for networking, immersive, hands-on learning experiences, and direct face-to-face engagements.

Throughout the EMBA program's duration, four carefully planned campus modules are scheduled, with each academic year featuring two modules of five days each. The first module commences at the inception of the batch, setting the tone for the entire program. During this period, participants are accommodated in one of the premium properties of Amritsar, where the institute takes responsibility for covering expenses related to accommodation and meals. By facilitating such arrangements, the institution aims to create an environment for students to interact with esteemed IIM Faculty and to develop a bond among the entire batch.

In addition to the academic components, the campus module offers students a chance to explore and experience the cultural richness of Amritsar. The institute organizes exciting excursion activities in the city, such as visits to significant places like the Golden Temple, Attari-Wagah Border, Gobindgarh Fort, etc. These outings not only provide a delightful respite from the academic rigor but also present opportunities for students to appreciate and understand the heritage and traditions of the region.

Furthermore, the face-to-face interactions with faculty and peers facilitate in-depth discussions, debates, and idea exchanges that enrich the learning experience.