About Ph.D.

Mission of the Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. Program at IIM Amritsar aims to produce high-quality researchers, teachers, and problem solvers. The program will train participants to adopt a scientific and systematic approach to study phenomenon of interest to them and to disseminate this knowledge through scientific publications, teaching and organizational interventions.

Desired Student Profile

We are interested in participants who are intrinsically motivated, have a love for seeking knowledge, have an outstanding academic background, are disciplined, and have the potential to become excellent researchers, teachers, and problem solvers at the international level. We aim to admit applicants from diverse backgrounds ranging from social sciences and humanities, physical and biological sciences, engineering and other applied fields who wish to pursue inter-disciplinary research. Joining a Ph.D. Program is a serious life commitment which requires a lot of time and effort. All applicants are encouraged to have a realistic idea of the Ph.D. Program before joining the program.