The fees payable to IIM Amritsar shall cover Tuition, Books & Case Material, Library, IT & Computer, Hostel & Electricity, Medical & Students' Activities. The mess and personal expenses are not included in the above fees.

The students admitted to the IBM program shall pay the two-year program fees determined by the Board of Governors of IIM Amritsar, in addition to any fees payable to NIT Jalandhar for the B.Tech. program as follows:

  1. The first-year fees payable to IIM Amritsar shall be payable in four equal instalments from semester 5 to 8 as determined by the Institute while the students are stationed in NIT-J.
  2. The second-year fees shall be payable in three equal instalments as determined by the Institute in the 5th year of the program.
  3. The students shall also be responsible for the payment of any caution deposit, mess deposit, etc., as determined by the respective Institutes.

Financial Assistance

Educational loans can be availed from Banks. Students may apply to various major Banks for education loan to cover program fees and other expenses. Students can directly contact various banks for eligibility, interest rates and other applicable conditions.