MBA Program Design and Curriculum

IIM Amritsar MBA program imparts foundational functional knowledge of management in its first year and offers integrative and specialization courses in the second year. The program offers opportunity to develop global perspective thorough international market exploration.

First Year of the program
  • Preparatory program: The Institute offers a 2-week compulsory preparatory program for selected students to enhance their readiness for the MBA program.
  • Orientation program: The orientation program familiarizes students to the IIM way of learning and acquaints them with the infrastructure, services, and student activities at IIM Amritsar.
  • First Year Courses: The first year courses are compulsory and provide basic conceptual knowledge and analytical tools in different functional areas of management.
  • Summer Internship: All students undergo eight to ten weeks of summer internship after first year of the program. Summer internship helps students to apply their first year learning by doing organizationally sponsored projects. Student performance in their summer internships often result in final placement offers.


List of First Year Courses
Term I Term II Term III
Financial Accounting
Business Statistics
Business Computing
Fundamentals of Marketing
Essentials of Business Communication
Managerial Economics
HR Planning and Talent Acquisition
Individual Behavior in Organizations
Foundations of Finance
Management Accounting
Macro Economics and Policy
Advanced Marketing Management
Applications of Business Communication
Fundamentals of Operations Management
Operations Research
Creating and Sustaining Effective Teams
Talent Management and Development
Emerging IT Technologies
Management Information System
Business Research Methods
Corporate Finance
Process Planning in Operations Management
Strategic Management
Organization Structure and Processes
Business Law/Legal Aspects of Business
Social Involvement Project

Second year of the program

Second year of MBA comprises of integrative and elective courses in various areas of specialization spread out over the fourth, fifth, and sixth terms of the program. Students also have the option of subscribing to a course in international market exploration where they are exposed to businesses and markets in a select group of foreign countries.

Students can choose courses from among areas of specialization like Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Information Systems and Analytics, Production and Quantitative Methods, Human Resources Management, Business Strategy, Economics, Communication, and Organizational Behavior.


List of Second Year Electives
Term IV Term V Term VI
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
Options, Futures, and other Derivatives
Corporate Valuation
Commerical Bank Management
Python for Managers
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Service Operations Management
Supply Chain Management
Data Mining with R
Analytical System Dynamics: Modelling and Simulation
Time series analysis
Game Theory and Strategy
Retail Management Strategy
Services Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Consumer Behaviour
Marketing Analytics
Business Storytelling using Data
HRM during corporate restructuring
Competency Mapping and Managing Talent
Compensation and Rewards Management
Career Management
Business Ethics
International Business (Prof. name to be checked)
Capstone Simulation
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
Fixed Income Securities
Financial Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions
Alternative Investments
Financial Risk Management and Measurement
Financial Time Series Analysis and Risk Management Using R
Machine Learning with Python
Visual Analytics
Business Models for Digital Platforms
Managing Digital Transformation
Predictive Analytics with R
Six sigma and Lean Systems
Warehousing & Logistics Management
Retail Analytics
Bayesian Statistics
Behavioral Economics
Integrated Marketing Communications
Digital Marketing
Business to Business Marketing
Strategic and Financial Communication
Sales and Distribution Management
Leadership and decision making for managers
HR Metrics and Dashboarding
Employer Branding
Strategic Consulting
Design Thinking & Innovation
Financial Modeling
Behavioral Finance
Investment Banking
Financial Technology
Foundations of AI and ML
Big Data Analytics
Fundamentals of Blockchain
Deep Learning and Neural Networks
Social Network Analysis and Social Media Analytics
Operational Resilience and Risk Management
Multiple Criteria and Multi Objectives Decision Making
Project Management
Rural & Inclusive Marketing
Brand Management
Product Management
Strategic Marketing
Data-Driven Operating System in Marketing
Organization Change and Development
Negotiation and conflict resolution
The Science of Happiness
Coaching and Mentoring