Research is a manifestation of applying learnings in the real world.

MBA is incomplete without catering to the researchacumen of students. IIM Amritsar has come up with a cell that is the first ofits kind in IIMs, “Anvesh – The Research Cell.” The body aims at producinghigh-quality research work at the National and International levels. The cellwould be working on faculty mentorship-based student collaborations forresearch papers and projects. Anvesh cell makes an attempt to emphasize moreupon making students industry ready with a wide range of applications of theirknowledge in solving real-time problems.

Key objectives addressed by cell:

  • Assist students in structuring their research ideas and connecting them to a mentor faculty to clarify their research inquiries.
  • Assist faculty members in getting onboard interested students for their research projects/papers.
  • Enhancing the opportunities of grabbing central funded research projects for the institution.
  • Anvesh plans to organize various activities such as conducting paper presentation conferences, project symposiums, and publishing an institute-specific Management Review book.

Anvesh instills the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Senior Anvesh Cell

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Abhijeet C Kalkhair

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Vadlathala Sai Surya Satwik Reddy


Junior Anvesh Cell

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Uttam Kumar

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T. Shivprakash

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Sahil Kumar