First-hand experience is not the only way how a person can accumulate knowledge about the know-how of the world, the same can be gathered by interacting with people with who possess it already, the knowledge that they have gathered over the years due the time they spent in the industry. This is what precisely Industry Interaction Committee (IIC) tries to do, when they arrange for the speakers, enriched with the experience of corporate corridors, coming down to interact with students. This acts as an opportunity for students as it imparts the knowledge in them about what lies ahead of the degree they are pursuing, what role they may resume in future, and precisely what may be expected out of them on the job as a manager. In a way such interactions give a glimpse of what lies ahead on the road of management studies, and becoming prospective managers. These interactions also provide an opportunity to the students to showcase their acumen by indulging in an engaging Q&A session with the speaker and hence creating the brand value for the institute as a whole. In a broader sense IIC works as the mediator where its role is to connect the future managers with the current one's and provide a platform for active interaction and knowledge sharing for the benefit of all the parties involved.

Senior Industry Interaction Committee

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Mohd Afzal Khan

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Manvendra Singh Devatwal

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Yogi Darshannath Dharmendranath

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Gursimar Kaur

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Saurabh Pandey