Being away from home is one of the biggest hurdles one will consider before enrolling themselves in a residential programme. For some it is yet another 2 years of hostel life, for others it is their first experience of being all alone by themselves without their family. Home away from home is how we describe our institution. One might miss mom's food but will never remain hungry as a decent mess fills one's tummies with food and one's hearts with warmth.

The roles and responsibilities of the committee involves acting as liaisons between the administration and the students. Owing to a wide range of people, the menu is prepared such that the cuisine preference of all students are satisfied. The Hostel and Mess Committee holds the responsibility of keeping a check on the hostel infrastructure, housekeeping issues etc.

In short, Hostel and Mess committee makes the hostel life of a student cherishable for a lifetime.

Senior Hostel and Mess Committee

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Janhavi Vishwakarma

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Abhishek Kumar

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Pulipaka Nimeshika

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Priyanshi Singla

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Yeswanth Kilani