Strategic Leadership: Creating and Sustaining Value for SJVN Ltd

“Strategic Leadership: Creating and Sustaining Value”

March 27 - 29, 2022

Executive Education at IIM Amritsar aims to help organizations innovate and provide a platform for employees to upskill themselves. The dynamic profile of the customers, digital impetus and employee engagement, sustainability-led initiatives, the confluence of global cultures, and several other factors have forced organizations to redefine their value propositions and build solutions for long-term growth and leadership. Change can be very challenging.

To meet such challenges IIM Amritsar has successfully conducted a three-day Management Development Program on Change Management titled “Strategic Leadership: Creating and Sustaining Value” from 27th to 29th March 2022 for SJVN Ltd. The program was designed to help the officers of SJVN to acquire strategic and functional-level analytical skills to lead the organization. The broad focus of the program was on the need for organizational change and the structured process of managing the transition effectively to drive better results. The impetus of all the sessions was to be towards mobilizing leaders for sharpening their collaborative and networking skills. This was a highly immersive, interactive training program involving exercises, discussions, and role-play facilitated by the IIM Amritsar faculty. The faculty shared varied best practices from the industry and discussed contextual challenges that impact the overall industry.