Communicating with Happiness for HPCL Officials

Communication with internal and external stakeholders is critical for maintaining healthy business relationships, obtaining business outcomes, and one’s own personal health and wellbeing. Keeping this in mind, IIM Amritsar takes immense pride in launching our new Management Development Program - Communicating with Happiness in collaboration with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd on the 8th of September, 2021. The inaugural ceremony was conducted virtually in the presence of Shri. Subodh Batra, Executive Director- (I/C)- Supplies, Operations and Distribution, Prof. Vartika Dutta, Chair, Executive Education, Prof Mukesh Kumar Jha and Prof. Ranjan Kumar, the program directors and the participants of the program along with the staff of IIM Amritsar.

The MDP on ‘Communicating with Happiness’, which was held from the 8th -21st September’21 aimed to assist participants in improving their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, within and outside the organization. The emphasis of the MDP would be on enhancing the communication awareness and skills of participants by imbibing techniques of effective spoken and written communication, by balancing empathic and assertive communication; and by aiming to be more inspiring and persuasive communicators.

The program looked forward for useing a blended pedagogy combining the three elements of experiential learning, discussions and guided instruction. The program aspired to use a continuous evaluation method to assess the mastery of the subject-matter with an action- learning method.