Shobhit Raj Singh Deori

Wondering what I will do in the fast-paced, glamorous, and ever-competitive corporate world? How will I survive the sheer brutality of this game where only ‘Winning matters’? These were some questions that perturbed my mind since I came from a research background where work has a different dimension altogether. Still, wrestling with them I moved ahead joining IIM Amritsar right after finishing my Post graduation from IIT Delhi. A mind-boggling mystery for anyone who came across this fact in the coming two years of my MBA life. Although, it was a well thought out plan still these questions pestered with my resolve. And the simple answer is I entered IIM Amritsar with the sole objective of utilizing the MBA platform to show what I had to offer to the corporate world. That’s how tumultuous MBA had been initially for me. But, as time went by, I found some beautiful gems who gave my life an entirely new definition, helped me grow as both personally and professionally, and most importantly left an indelible mark in my memories. To cut short my MBA journey, I will say it was full of moments of hyper-anxiety to ones of sheer ecstasy. The late-night project/exam preparations (highly inefficient) but still worth mentioning, the last-minute presentation changes were some incidences that made life hectic and exciting at the same time. One most important learning from this program was to absorb all kinds of perspectives that are thrown at you while you are working in a team. And that will be one of the biggest challenges for those who come with high ego and self-pride. Those qualities will only make you a forgettable personality. So just be appropriate in your behavior towards your fellow mates, teachers, and staff. These soft skills will take you far beyond your technical life skills. After all, management is the ultimate amalgamation of all skills. Talking about the industry nowadays, it’s a phase of unprecedented disruption, and it has indeed become a VUCA world. To cope with this one must be super agile, quick and a concise thinker. So just be prepared for all the fireballs coming your way. Some will light up your life if you know how to use them correctly, others will become mistakes in retrospect. “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle