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Mukesh Kumar

Mukesh Kumar Associate Professor

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0183-2820021(O), 021(Ext)

Curriculum vitae

Mukesh Kumar teaches Managerial Communications at IIM Amritsar. Before joining this Institute, he worked with IMT Nagpur, IIM Raipur, Amity Noida and Google India Private Ltd. During his tenure at Google India, he conducted training programs on internal and external communications for Google employees. Over the years, he has conducted several MDPs on communication related themes for IOCL, IMA-Dehradun, BSF Academy, Gwalior, etc. He was awardedhis doctorate in Linguistics from JNU, New Delhi, for the thesis titled ‘Interlingual Errors in the Writing Samples of the Undergraduate Students in Bihar.’ His research interests include ‘second language learning,’ ‘public speaking anxiety,’ ‘crisis communication,’ ‘persuasive communication,’etc. Besides these, over the last three years, he has published many cases in the areas of Marketing and Communications. His cases are available through case publishing houses like Ivey Publishing, HBR and Case Centre. In June 2017, one of his cases titled ‘When the Tone of an Email Went Wrong’ was featured in the bestseller list.

Activity Login

1. Designing a conceptual framework for persuasion using fictional narratives. 

2. Studying the effect of Country of Origin in a crisis situation. 

These Days

  1. Managerial Communication
  2. Business Communication
  3. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  4. Written Analysis and Communication
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  • When the tone of an email went wrong – Available on Harvard Business Review; Product Code W16282-PDF-ENG
  • The War for Talent: Deloitte vs. KPMG – Available on Harvard Business Review; Product Code W17391-PDF- ENG

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