Shubhra Sharma

The indelible and impeccable impression cast on my thought process by IIM Amritsar is eternal. The apprehensions of joining a new institute were diluted effortlessly in the first-week post-registration. The congregation of best minds - with linguistic background, work experiences scaling on different data points in the spectrum opened the alleys of learning the vagaries of life's dimensions. The vibrant and eclectic atmosphere created by the proficient professors redefined classroom teaching. I must say - the legacy of IIM(s) were well crafted and taken forward. The membership of the cultural committee enabled me to contribute to beget the ethos of compassion, mutual respect with a masala of DJ nights, and cultural festivals. The nostalgia of last-minute midnight assignment submissions, chatter with friends without any schedule, placement blues, and the last mile effort to study before the formidable Accounting exam will be my companions throughout my life. Just immerse yourself with the academic rigor, make lifetime friends, and take a pledge to do something for the society during your stint in Amritsar - the pious land of Gurus and nectar.