Jayant Gautam


Jayant Gautam
Motilal Oswal

"The journey of 20 months at IIM Amritsar helped me to discover myself, to explore & challenge my capabilities & unlock my true potential. Those 20 months were the most exciting part of my student life which not only shaped up my career but also gifted me a few good friends, a fearless attitude, some very useful classroom learnings & prepared me for the corporate life.

My transformation from being an engineer to a core finance guy was aided by projects, competitions, case studies, magazines, peers & course materials. I still miss my batch mates & faculties like Rajiv Srivastava, Monika Chopra, Sunder Ram Korivi & Vipul Mathur who helped me with their tips & experiences. Those 20/30 hours for a course was more than theoretical concepts & was focused on practicality. Apart from studies Kritansh (sport's fest) & Aarunya (cultural fest) were quite rejuvenating whereas conclaves like Pariprekshya, Yukti & Sankshetra gave us opportunity to learn from industry veterans. I also miss those birthday bashes, placement parties, Diwali celebrations & other exciting events during our hostel days.

In my opinion if you have the fire in your belly to be the best, to learn more, to be better self & to explore your true self then IIM Amritsar is a great to place to be in."