Raj Makwana
Business Analyst & Product Manager Thomas Cook, India, Ltd

IIM Amritsar was one of the best thing ever happened to me. 2016 was the year when I joined. Institute was just 1 year old by then. Having said that, in that phase when something that has just started, things are obviously going to be challenging. But those challenges were instrumental in sculpting us in various aspects. The pedagogy was quite challenging and had subjects in line with corporate requirements. We were fortunate enough to have faculties from different premiere Institutes like IIM C, IIM K, MDI. Industry interactions were organized every week that gave plethora of corporate exposures. Intellectual minds from different parts of country used to enthusiastically come together for number of constructive discussions on various topics. Since the institute was in the starting years, various committees and clubs were initiated by us which are now flourishing fabulously. We also took keen interest to organize various management conclaves like yukti, sankshetra and AArunya, the first management cultural and sports festival which was completely managed by students. Organizing these conclaves and festivals gave practical exposures of various management learnings. We also enjoyed our tenure and had good time by organizing and participating in sports events, music events and celebrated each and every festivals with much joy and happiness. The culture of celebrating birthdays of each and every peers made our bond stronger. The entire batch, students from previous batch and succeeding batch, had such good bonding that we all were united like a family.  To summarize, those two years gave knowledge and experience which is quite instrumental today in my corporate growth and also gave innumerable memories that will be cherished for rest of my life.