Prasoon Malik


Prasoon Malik
Modi Naturals

With no prior work experience, a lad who had joined IIM Amritsar saw himself getting transformed into a future-ready leader. The 'dynamic' life which I had during my 20 months stay at IIM Amritsar has perhaps made me strong enough to face anything and everything in life and fierce enough to respond to it. IIM Amritsar taught me four values of life - dream big, take risks, appreciate changes, stay humble. Now when I look back, I feel grateful to the powers of this universe in making me believe in myself and taking that plunge.

The pedagogy was just good, and everything was student-driven; both in-class activities and out-of-the-class activities. We got to learn from some of the top-notch professors of this country from their respective domains.

There were many memorable moments during those 20 months, but what I would like to cherish as a memory forever would be my stint at IIC; the team, the work, the fun, everything was just perfect.