Executive Program in Data Analytics for HPCL

As the famous Professor W. Edwards Deming said, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” Data appears to be the only currency that is a medium of exchange between consumers and marketers. Understanding, analyzing, and making appropriate use of data is crucial to the success of any industry. Businesses across the globe witnessed fortune when they analyzed data judiciously. Analyzing data is an art that enables us to draw meaningful information, conclusions, and insights. In the world where data-driven decision making prevails, all organizations need to have the capability to dig deep into their data to facilitate efficient decision making. To meet these emergent needs, IIM Amritsar has designed a customized program for the senior management officials of HPCL. The nine months program started from August 21, 2020 which would enable senior managers of HPCL to make sense of the data that is getting generated across various business touchpoints within the organization.

IIM Amritsar has signed an MoU with HPCL this year. As part of this MoU, IIM Amritsar will create customized programs for the employees of HPCL and deliver the program exclusively to them. Working very closely with the business heads of HPCL, we have designed this intensely focused program for the executives involved in data sensemaking. The Executive Program in Data Analytics would cover modules such as Digital Transformation, Analyzing data using R, Forecasting Techniques, Data Visualization, Decision Making, Ethics, Privacy & Data Security and many other emerging areas in the field of data sciences.

Executive programs at IIM Amritsar aim to help organizations to innovate by enabling their business executives to upskill themselves continuously. These programs improve adaptability to the unprecedented changes in the business world. On August 21, we have inaugurated our latest offering - Executive program in Data Analytics for HPCL, which is a cutting-edge program based on the latest advancements in Business Analytics.