Program Structure

  • Foundation Courses: All Ph.D. students will complete courses from the first year of the MBA program unless exempted by the Ph.D. committee.
  • Ph.D. courses in primary specialization: Students are required to successfully complete four to five Ph.D. level courses in their primary area of specialization.
  • Ph.D. courses in secondary specialization: In order to enable students to carry out cross functional research, students are required to successfully complete four to five Ph.D. level courses in areas other than their primary area of specialization.
  • Research methodology courses: These compulsory courses will deal with research design and methodology and application of various statistical tools used in research.
  • Working paper/case writing requirement: Students will have to complete a mini research project and write a case on a research topic under the guidance of an academic advisor with an aim to present this paper in a conference and publish it in an academic journal.
  • Comprehensive exams: Comprehensive exam will test students’ knowledge and their capacity to apply this knowledge to address research questions in their area of concentration.
  • Thesis proposal: Students will form a Research Advisory Committee (RAC) to guide their thesis. They will defend a thesis proposal on a research problem of their interest in front of RAC.
  • Thesis defense and submission: Students will complete their research work, submit a final dissertation, and successfully defend their final thesis in front of their RAC as part of completion of their Ph.D. degree.


Credit requirements for the Ph.D. Program

Foundation courses – First year of the MBA program

Ph.D. Core courses – 4-5 courses (5-6 units)

Ph.D. Elective courses – 4-5 courses (5-6 units)

Research Methodology courses – 4 courses (5-6 units)

Working paper/ case writing – equivalent of 4 courses (5-6 units)


Annual Review of Performance

Student performance in the Ph.D. Program will be assessed and reviewed on an annual basis. Continuation in the program is contingent on satisfactory performance in the Ph.D. Program. In the event of unsatisfactory performance, a student will not be permitted to continue in the program.

Program Duration

Ph.D. Program is a full-time residential program. The duration of the program will range from 4 to 5 years depending on the progress of the participant. Extension of one more year may be granted under special circumstances.