COE(Center of Entrepreneurship)

Center of Entrepreneurship

IIM Amritsar's Center of Entrepreneurship aims to create a think tank in the coming years. The center will be responsible for creating and maintaining a support system to nurture and develop innovative ideas of people within and around the campus. It builds an entrepreneurial ecosystem to co-create and sustain its impact.


The E-cell is responsible for entrepreneurship related activities (to ignite entrepreneurial spirits) and workshops (time to time). A list of various activities and workshops is mentioned below:

Activities(Round the year) Workshops(when needed) Major Events
  • Entrepreneurship Games
  • Movies and Theaters (related to entrepreneurship)
  • Impact talks and Expert Sessions (sharing stories of role models, entrepreneurs)
  • Running campus companies
  • B-Plan competitions
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Idea Generation and Validation
  • Design Thinking
  • Decision Making: Effectual and Causal
  • Value Proposition and Business Model Development
  • B-Plan writing
  • Minimum Viable Products and Pivoting
  • Domain-specific workshops (Marketing, Finance, IT, IPR etc.)
  • Pitching
  • SHEntrepreneur
  • AGRIpreneur
(to help early-stage enterprises who feel the need of capacity building)




COE Club Senior Coordinators

  • Akhil Chaudhary

  • Ayush Mehar

  • Shubham Shrivastava

  • Suraj Pv Rajesh