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Student's Committee

About Us

The Students' Council is a students' body whose main purpose is to represent and promote the interests of the students of IIM Amritsar. It acts as the bridge between the faculty, students and the administration serving as the platform of communication to advance academia in the institute. The Students' Council, with the help of the administration, performs its duties to manage and resolve the matters that arise within the students. Approval for creating a new club/committee is jointly taken by the students' council and administration. Any process of dissolution of a committee, impeachment of a member of any committee or amending the constitution is taken in presence of the students' council and the member of the committee concerned. The Students' Council also assists other clubs/ committees in conducting and organizing various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities or events. Students' Council members bring ideas, requests and feedback to the meetings; give students a voice using a democratic process; and make decisions which effects the institution. Students who participate in students' councils, under the supervision of a facilitator or administrator, learn about leadership, problem solving, and teamwork.

Students' Council

Mr. Abhilash Reddy N
Ms. Medhavi kumar
Mr. Palakonda Madhu Krishna 
Mr. Sandesh Oggu