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Pariprekshya Finance & Marketing Conclave 2017

"Social Media & technology in itself are not the agents of change. We, the connected people together, are the champions of change."

Indian Institute of Management Amritsar successfully conducted its maiden annual Finance & Marketing Conclave, 'Pariprekshya' on 11th November 2017. With the arrival of its third batch and acknowledging the gargantuan impact that both Marketing and Finance have on the entire business process, irrespective of the industry type, it was just the perfect time for IIM Amritsar to launch a conclave encompassing the same. Pariprekshya provides a dais to some of the finest industry stalwarts along with the brightest minds of the country to come together, discuss, brainstorm and arrive at novel ideas to tackle with prevailing marketing and financial issues in the business arena.

There were two panels viz. the Marketing Panel and the Finance Panel, under the umbrella of Pariprekshya'17. The event was graced by big industry stalwarts who engaged in an enriching discussion on the topic of the event- "Digitization" and provided various thought-provoking insights backed by the observation of historical facts and current industry trends.

For the Finance Panel, the topic for tete-a-tete was "India's way ahead towards Financial Inclusion" and the esteemed dignitaries talked comprehensively about the evolution of Inclusion from Social to Economic point of view in the financial sector of our country. The panel highlighted the drivers of inclusion, that are Accessibility, Affordability and Security. Also, the importance of an extensive network was highlighted, where in people can invest in the banking institutions with a certain degree of authentication which is provided on a massive scale by Aadhaar.

For the Marketing Panel, the discussion revolved around the central topic- "Digital Marketing - The new Voice of Revolution". The invited marketing prodigies conversed about the role of the Digital Marketing and the potential of the same to bring about disruptive changes in the traditional marketing practices. With the advent and advancement in digital technology, data analytics, social media sphere & amalgamation of management streams, the importance of staying updated and the agility to tackle their impact on the overall market scenario is something a future manager must be well-equipped with. The event concluded as a huge success with fresh perspectives about the theme being brought to the forefront

Dr. Kushal Sanghvi
Vice Chairman
India and APAC -
I-com Global
Dr. Vipul Mathur
Faculty of Economics
IIM Calcutta
Mr. Amit Tiwari
VP Marketing
Havells India Ltd
Ashok Pal Singh
Senior Deputy Director General
Department of Posts
Mr. Sandeep Balan
Head - Digital Marketing
United Breweries Limited
Mr. Sanjay Sharda
Head, Rural Distributionk
IndusInd Ban
Mr. Sourav Shah
Head - Digital Marketing
& CRM, Jubilant Foodworks
Mr. Utsav Rawat
Head of Marketing
Mr. Pankaj Arjunwadkar
Director -Strategy and
Mr. Prashant P. Singh
Assistant Director General
Mr. Sameer Seth
Director, Marketing
India, Dolby