Mentor Institute

Weekly Seminar Series

Sr. No. Title By Date
1 Examining Consumers' Switching Behavior towards SSTs: A Perspective of PPM Model Prof. Arun Kaushik February 08, 2018
2 Influence of Pre-crisis Reputation and COO on Trust and Supportive Behavioral Intentions: An Experimental Study for a Company in a Crisis. Prof. Mukesh Kumar February 15, 2018
3 Value Creation in IT industry: A DEA based approach Prof. Mahima Gupta February 22, 2018
4 Biomachining of Steel Alloys: A Sustainable Manufacturing Perspective Prof. Neeraj Bhanot March 01, 2018
5 Exploring the Role of Gender Composition on Supervisory Mentoring and Occupational Commitment Relationship Prof. Ridhi Arora March 08, 2018
6 An Empirical Study on Organ Donation intention - A Social Marketing Perspective Prof. M Geetha March 15, 2018
7 Promoter ownership and dividend payments in India: The role of agency theory Prof. Satish Kumar March 22, 2018
8 Voter and party preferences for political dynasties in India Prof. Sitakanta Panda March 29, 2018
9 Perspectives on International Experience in Higher Education Prof. Ridhi Arora August 01, 2018.
10 Social network ties and opportunity recognition by people with disabilities Prof. Anita Sharma August 14, 2018.
11 Does risk premium help uncover the uncovered interest rate parity Prof. Satish Kumar August 29, 2018.