Vaani (Literary & Public Speaking club)

Vaani - The Literary and Public Speaking Club

Effective communication has the potential to make remarkable changes in our personal as well as professional world. It has the power to facilitate human connections and gives us the opportunity to learn, grow and progress.

Vaani, the public speaking club of IIM Amritsar aims to provide a productive platform which will help students to acquire and enhance the intricacies of communication skills. Its mission is to inculcate various techniques through which we can deliver our thoughts and messages with confidence in front of a large audience. We aspire to aid the cultivation of the ability to think independently and feel comfortable even when we are in the spotlight. Keeping in mind these visions, Vaani organizes a number of events on a regular basis which include - extempore speech, symposiums, group discussions, inter-college debates and sessions on job interviews in the most effective manner. Apart from these events, we also organize Vakta, the annual debate competition of IIM Amritsar. We welcome and encourage everyone to participate in these events irrespective of their current skill levels in order to create a collaborative environment for learning. We at Vaani believe that if we can master the art of effective communication, we can open multiple possibilities for ourselves, and we can make the world work for humanitarian cause through the magical appeal of our words. The club can be reached at

Vaani Club Senior Coordinators

  • Puneet Kakkar