IIM Amritsar is a new institute. How far will it be accepted by the industry?
It has a direct bearing on my future career prospects.

While IIM Amritsar is new, since its initial operations are being handled completely by IIM Kozhikode (IIMK), more than 18 years of IIMK's history of excellence in management education becomes directly available to IIM Amritsar. In due course of time, IIM Amritsar will undoubtedly evolve its own distinct character and reputation.

How long will IIM Kozhikode mentor IIM Amritsar?

IIM Kozhikode (IIMK) will mentor all activities at IIM Amritsar till it moves to its permanent campus (about three years later), or IIM Amritsar is able to handle these activities entirely on its own, whichever is earlier.

When is IIM Amritsar starting its academic program?

IIM Amritsar will start its second batch of Post-Graduate program in Management on 15th July, 2016.

Who will be teaching at IIM Amritsar's PGP? Has it recruited good faculty members?

Recruiting full-time faculty is a fairly long process. During the mentorship period and while IIM Amritsar's own faculty members are being recruited, faculty members from IIMK and other reputed Institutions in India will be delivering the courses. This includes a few visiting and adjunct faculty selected by IIMK to meet their exacting standards. The overall design, quality and delivery of PGP courses will be of high standards and with direct involvement of IIMK.

What are the fees for PGP at IIM Amritsar?

The tuition fees for IIM Amritsar is fixed at Rs. 9 Lakhs for two years. Details of breakup will be given in the admission offer. Leading banks routinely offer educational loans at concessional terms as per Govt. of India guidelines for all IIMs including IIM Amritsar.

Where the classes would be conducted? Has it set-up its own campus?

The classes will be conducted in the transit campus, in the Punjab Institute of Technology building, inside Government Polytechnic Compound at Amritsar. The transit campus is located close to Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) Campus. The process of setting up the permanent campus is in progress.

What kind of hostel facilities will I get in IIM Amritsar?

The Hostel facility on twin sharing basis will be provided separately for both boys and girls. The students will be staying at Ashberry Apartments with spacious rooms and excellent furniture, located at Vallah, near Verka Chowk, GT Road.

What kind of IT facilities will I get in IIM Amritsar?

You will be in state-of-the-art, fully Wi Fi premises with seamless access to industry and knowledge databases, email and internet.

If I confirm my interest in IIM Amritsar, does it affect my position in other IIMs?

No. The admission offers in each IIM are independent of others, and therefore accepting or rejecting an offer from any other IIM will not affect your chances in IIM Amritsar, or vice versa.